Where There’s A Will There’s A Way!

Ezzeria Slithers thinks that someone is trying to poison him. He hires the “Wayne and Dwayne Shane Detective Agency” to find out who the culprit is. They arrive at the Slithers’ mansion to start their investigation only to discover that their client is dead. They begin to sift through a mansion of crazies. An ex-wife and her socially suppressed adult offspring, a housekeeper who hates to work, sisters-in-law who have never even met Ezzeria and a grieving widow who isn’t exactly grieving. To make matters worse Wayne only has two days to find the perpetrator without a lot of help from Dwayne.

• A comedy in two acts with two intermissions.
• For six men and eight women
• Time: The Present
• Place: A victorian mansion

If you wish to purchase the scripts for this play the cost is: $10.00 per character + 3 free scripts for production staff. A total of $140.00. Royalties $70.00 per performance . Send a Certified Cheque or Money Order along with your name address and e-maill address to:

Heather D. Veinotte
63 Feener’s Corner Road
West Northfield, Nova Scotia
B4V 5E4

Once payment has been recieved a copy of the play will be sent to you by e-mail. If you wish a hard copy sent, there will be an additional cost for shipping.