The Winner Takes All

Reginald Redfern has died without issue. In his Will, he directs Miss Callow, his lawyer, to summon all his cousins to his estate for the reading; but they have to work for their inheritance.

Somewhere in his mansion, among all the clutter that he has collected in his lifetime, is an item that is worth a vast fortune. Whomever finds this fortune in three days will be very, very wealthy. If the fortune is not found then the money will go to a charity that is named in a letter that’s been placed in a black box.

It should be very straight forward, but not with the Redferns’ almost empty gene pool.

Throw in cousins from the hills, an airline pilot who has had a SLIGHT nervous breakdown, a maniac driver and so many more characters that would make any pool bubble with trouble, let alone the Redferns’

• A comedy in two acts and two intermissions
• For six men and six women
• Time: The present
• Place: Mansion of the late Reginald Redfern

If you wish to purchase the scripts for this play the cost is: $10.00 per character + 3 free scripts for production staff. A total of $120.00. Royalties $70.00 per performance . Send a Certified Cheque or Money Order along with your name address and e-maill address to:

Heather D. Veinotte
63 Feener’s Corner Road
West Northfield, Nova Scotia
B4V 5E4

Once payment has been received a copy of the play will be sent to you by e-mail. If you wish a hard copy sent, there will be an additional cost for shipping.