The Case of the Missing Treasure

The Hughes Hotel is being torn down. That would be no great loss; but a buried treasure is hidden somewhere on the grounds. They have only three days to find it before the one hundred year lease from the county expires and the landfill next door takes over the property, covering everything with tons of stinking garbage. Harvey Monday is called in to investigate. Throw in an executor who is heading for a padded cell, a maid who can’t cook, little old ladies who should be locked up, add a drunk, a money-hungry uncle, a greedy cousin and a medium who flunked seance school. Toss them together with a family lawyer, a construction worker and even more crazies and the laughs simply multiply in this spoof of an old style Private Eye. The ending will surprise you!!

• A comedy in two acts and two intermissions
• For six men and ten women
• Time: The Present
• Place: Lobby of the Hughes’ Hotel

If you wish to purchase the scripts for this play the cost is: $10.00 per character + 3 free scripts for production staff. A total of $160.00. Royalties $70.00 per performance . Send a Certified Cheque or Money Order along with your name address and e-maill address to:

Heather D. Veinotte
63 Feener’s Corner Road
West Northfield, Nova Scotia
B4V 5E4

Once payment has been recieved a copy of the play will be sent to you by e-mail. If you wish a hard copy sent, there will be an additional cost for shipping.