Put A Lid On It

The Diamond House Bed and Breakfast is haunted! Helen Richards the owner cannot deny the truth any longer. Her B&B is empting faster than a bag of dog food at a dog show. With the bank threatening to foreclose, she’s becoming desperate. Succumbing to the relentless urgings from her friends and employees, but against her better judgment, she hires “Ghost Elimination Inc”.

That’s when the pot begins boiling over. Add specter wall writings to the mixture, running bathtubs, when no one wants to take a bath and guests wrapped up like mummies while they sleep. The laughs will bubble up and over flow as Helen tries to “Put A Lid On It.”

• A comedy in two acts and two intermissions
• For four men and six women
• Time: The present
• Place: Dinning Room of Diamond House

If you wish to purchase the scripts for this play the cost is: $10.00 per character + 3 free scripts for production staff. A total of $100.00. Royalties $70.00 per performance . Send a Certified Cheque or Money Order along with your name address and e-maill address to:

Heather D. Veinotte
63 Feener’s Corner Road
West Northfield, Nova Scotia
B4V 5E4

Once payment has been received a copy of the play will be sent to you by e-mail. If you wish a hard copy sent, there will be an additional cost for shipping.